About Blue Feather

Blue Feather's mission is to help companies, their employees, and their customers become more effective through improvements to processes and the development of outstanding software and technology solutions. Blue Feather helps businesses do this by providing consulting and software development services with exceptional insight to help clients understand and document their needs clearly and in a way to make measurable differences to a company's daily operations.

Why us?

Consulting, not just development

We provide consulting, not just development, to make sure that your solution is the best tool for the job. You’ll have a rich consulting experience, meaning that you’ll get a real discussion about your business in the development process instead of just a feature list. It is critical that your software matches your business workflow, and by interviewing you and your employees we can make sure that happens. We can also help with training for your staff at deployment to make sure that your software rollout is as smooth as possible.

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Measurable results

A good technology solution should make a measurable impact on your business. We use Lean Six Sigma statistical analysis techniques to evaluate the the operations and costs of your current processes to show how technology can bring real cost and time savings to your daily work. We'll find the right solutions across all platforms and resources, local and cloud, to make sure your processes are as efficient and effective as possible.


User-focused design

A positive user experience is extremely important for the successful adoption of software by both customers and employees. It's important that everyone understands the data and functionality in a piece of software so that the best business decisions are clear. We make sure that our solutions are powerful, effective, and easy to learn so that everyone can get straight to business.

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