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This month we covered some of the new features in FileMaker 16. Check out the recording of our monthly meeting below.


The sample files used in this demo are available for download fromĀ This link is supposed to be available to download, but there’s been an error popping up on that page about restricted access which you may experience.

  • Lee Smith

    Apparently I have to have the full membership to community in order to see your documents?

    • They’re FileMaker Inc’s documents, not mine, but yes, I think they are requiring people to sign in to the FileMaker Community site to download them.

      • Lee Smith

        I meant the 99.00 one.

        • Which document are you referring to? Not one of the sample files?

          • Lee Smith
          • Those documents are the sample files provided by FileMaker and used in this demo, and FileMaker requires you to sign in to the FileMaker Community website to view them. As I mentioned before, though, there’s an error on that page right now making it show as “unauthorized” which may prevent you from downloading them.

          • Lee Smith

            Thank you for this information. It’s not the first time that this has happen with their site.